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Drop the Debt

This page summarizes my perception of some key issues and links to pages on each topic and the World Campaigning organizations with more information.


- The HIPC, Highly Indebted Poor Countries


.  The stark contrast between Western and Developing countries Health standards

Prague Demonstrations

If you watched the BBC2 program on Prague demonstrations, 5thOctober 1999, you may have noticed the big crosses at the front of the march.  David was just visible in on the RHS fourth row!  First time on the tele!


Drop the Debt.

bullet1.2 B people exist on <$1/day  (1 in 5 of the worlds population)
bullet1 in 2 exist on < $2/day
bulletThe poor countries pay $60M / day to the West in debt repayments ($22B/year).
bulletIn Many countries debt repayments are 2 times spend on health.
bulletG7 have promised $100B to cancel debt
bulletSo far actually given 13B
bullet4 pence per British taxpayer per week would cancel the debt to Britain of the 52 most indebted 


Western societies become hysterical when a few people die.  Panics if there is some food poisoning or CJD. Or even when just three people died in New York from Mosquitoes.  Meanwhile millions die in the developing world.  Drugs companies spend the vast majority of their research in Western diseases (and none threatening ailments) whilst diseases of the third world are ignored because they couldn't pay for the drugs 
bullet6 diseases cause 90% of deaths (from infectious disease)
bulletAcute Respitory -pneumonia
bulletA child dies every 3 seconds from infectious disease
bullet1 in 5 children die before the age of 5 in some countries
bullet3,000/day die from Malaria; 3/4 are children
bullet4,000 a day die from Tuberculosis
bullet2,500 per day die from Measles, the most infectious disease

Access to drinking water can save communities from Diarrhea - a major cause of death among infants

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