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The problem

Over 12 million children under five will die  from poverty-related illness this year. This is not just a statistic. The suffering of every one of these children is real. The grief of their parents is real. And their death is unnecessary. Poverty is preventable.

It is the policies of governments and multinational companies - and it is the lack of challenge to these institutions - that makes people poor, keeps people poor and creates profits from their poverty.

The solution

Here, in rich countries like Britain, decisions are made which can make or break the lives of people in developing countries. Unless we challenge exploitation and injustice we remain part of the problem. When we take action for change, we become part of the solution. WDM is part of the solution:

We campaign against the root causes of poverty
We lobby decision-makers to stop policies that hurt the worlds poor. We research and develop new, positive policy options that support sustainable development.

We challenge the powerful
We mobilise consumers, shareholders and governments to hold multinational companies accountable for abuses of power. We support people in the developing world who are standing up to injustice. 

We change agendas
After years of campaigning, debt cancellation is now on the international agenda. WDMs High Court victory over the Government stopped British aid budgets being used to support the arms trade instead of the poor. These are just two examples of WDM's campaign successes.

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