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Olive Picking in Palestine -2002

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Palestinian farmers are too frightened of violence and intimidation to pick their own crops of olives.  International volunteers went to Palestine to try and ensure that they could pick in safety and to demonstrate to the Palestinians that, even if the world’s politicians ignored their suffering, there were still people in the world who cared.


Even if you don’t read all of this report back from the olive picking, please read and think about these points:- 

bulletIsrael clearly intends to annex the ‘occupied territories’ of Palestine permanently.  Why else would they bankrupt their economy to build settlements and roads throughout the occupied territories?  In addition they take 25% of their essential water from Palestine.  Israel has flouted more UN resolutions than any other state.
bulletThe Israelis are deliberately terrorising a population of 3 million people to achieve their objective.  Every day they use heavy military equipment to kill innocent civilians; more than three times as many Palestinians are killed than Israelis!  They impose curfews that are random and can last weeks, they tear-gas regularly and they have erected roadblocks that prevent freedom of movement.  In every home we visited someone had been imprisoned without charge and tortured (sometimes horrifically).  Israel is in contravention of many of the provisions of the Geneva Convention.
bulletThe Israelis are destroying what is left of the Palestinian economy, through destroying factories and businesses, destroying the Palestinian administration’s premises, blocking transport and communication with roadblocks and denying access to water and electricity.


Settlements_Map_Eng.jpg (628950 bytes)

Settlement Map West Bank

Israeli settlements/control is blue

Palestinian control is brown

click on it for a big version

For more details see My Report

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