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2009 - present Sebastian Pearce

1972 - 2009    Dave Pearce

1999 separated Cottage as a property

2000 separated the North Wing as a property

1972 onwards a full restoration of the Hall and gardens including re-roofing and new guttering and extensive internal renovations.

1969-1972    Builder B. Holliday Ltd..  he proposed demolition and building houses on the whole site.  This was blocked by listing the building.  He then sold the Hall to Dave Pearce and built houses on the land at the rear, currently Lyntonvale Avenue.

1960 -Mr Ernest and Mrs D.A. Struggles.  It appears Struggles rented the property until 31/8/1960, then bought it for 2100 (shared between Charles and Dorothy  Parkes)

1951  Sarah Emily Parkes, nee Higham.  On her death, left to her children, who were renting it to Mr Struggles.

1901 Sarah Emily married Charles Herbert Parkes

1891John Higham  left to daughter Sarah Emily, 

John Higham remarried to Alice Smith

1866 John Higham inherrited on Lucy's death

1848 Lucy Higham (nee Clarke) inherited on Sarah's death in 1848

1807 bought by Joseph and Sarah Clarke.  

1794 to 1806 the hall was occupied by Thomas Batemen, (#)


#note the above dates are from Mitchel's article, source not known.

The following is extracted from Frank Mitchell's book on Gatley:-

From 1794 -1806 Thomas Bateman was the owner and occupier.  His wife Rebeccah dies June 1797 and was buried in the chapel buriel ground opposite the Hall.  

In 1807 Joseph and Sarah Clarke bought the Hall from the estate.  Joseph died in 1840, his wife Sarah in 1848, both being buried inside the chapel.  The estate passed to their daughter Lucy Higham and on her death to her husband John Higham who re-married Alice Smith.  In 1891 Sarah Emily Parkes, daughter of John and Alice Higham inherited the property.  in c 1930 it was acquired by Mr Ernest Struggles.

Map,  there is a coloured map showing the property.  This is after the railway was built.  It also excludes Number 11 Old hall road...which was part of the will of Sarah Emily Parkes.  In it the property includes the House and Garden, the 'warehouse' which is number 11 Old Hall Road, and the orchard behind (where the Lyntonvale house were built, as well as fields stretching all the way tothe Mersey, a total of 30 acres.  The Map shows a 'Hall' where the Old Hall is reputed to be (but marks both as Gatley Hall although not included as one property!).  It shows the old outhouses and includes the cottage.

Stockport Local History Library directories:-

Note, Gatley is hardly mentioned. the area is in the Macclesfield 100's; under Northern Etchells.  Sometimes Cheadle is listed.

this seems to conflict in the entries between the old hall and the current Gatley Hall


1887 Cheadle Directory.  Higham, John - Gatley Hall

Gerrard Samuel Old Hall Farm

1878 -Rigg, James.  Gatley Hall , farmer. 

1874 -Rigg, James.  Gatley Hall , farmer

Gerrard Samuel Old Hall Farm

1864 Higham, John, Gatley Hall, farmer

1841 Tythe Map:  Clarke, Joseph - plot 66, listed as House Garden and warehouse.


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