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History and Features

79 Stone Rd, Stafford - ZenZinnia

The house in Stafford was bought in July 2006 and work began that summer to renovate the property.  Sebastian had been renting the upstairs for several years previously and intended to let the downstairs flat.  

The house had had very little work done on it whilst it was let by the previous owners, the Clees.  Sebastian's sustainability ethos meant that sustainability had to be thought about at each stage of the renovation.  A lot of work needed doing and Dave and Sebastian worked on it together; father imparting years of DIY knowledge to son.

Now, almost a year after Dave's death much of that work is coming to fruition with the loft at last receiving a coat of paint, the stairs looking fantastic and the house becoming a real home.

This section of the website will be built up to be a case study for ZenZinnia and will track some of the major works such as the internal wall insulation, underfloor heating, timber double glazing and the garden.