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Dear                  MP,

Israel’s Apartheid Wall


Israel is building a wall that will create the world’s biggest prison!  The wall establishes as ‘fact on the ground’ a new border stealing Palestinian land and reducing any future potential Palestinian state to just 40% of that within even the 1967 borders.  The wall is isolating farmers from their land, splitting families and isolating villages!


Ø      Israel has continued to expand settlements during Oslo and now the Road map!

Ø      Israel has continued targeted Assassinations!

Ø      Israel continues to demolish homes!

Ø      Israel continues collective punishments!


The FCO’s own annual report on Human Rights identifies a series of abuses including targeted assassinations, detention without trial, collective punishments etc.  Even the South African Apartheid regime didn’t use such extremes of abuse of Human Rights, yet sanctions were imposed which eventually brought about a just and peaceful settlement.


Western governments have appeased Israel for 35 years whilst it has gradually built settlements in the Occupied territories and taken the water from the aquifers!  Continuing the same strategy will deny Palestinians their rights and that will never lead to a just peace.


Can I urge you to sign EDM 1689 condemning the Apartheid Wall.  Will you also please write to the Foreign Secretary and ask him whether the ‘Apartheid Wall’ violates the Geneva Convention?  Will you also ask when the Government, with its responsibilities as a member of the Quartet, will call for sanctions to be imposed on Israel unless it stops building the Apartheid Wall, expanding settlements and violating the Geneva Convention?  If the Government doesn’t support the call for sanctions, what justification does it offer for believing that continuing the 35 years of appeasement of Israel will ever lead to a just peace in the Middle East?


The government was right to recognise the crucial need for peace in the Middle East in its war against terror.  That peace cannot be achieved unless Israel abides by the spirit of the UN resolutions.  Britain has a special responsibility, going back to the creation of Israel.  Britain cannot let America continue to protect Israel.


Yours sincerely