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Here are some sample letters that might assist you write your own versions.  You can select and cut/paste the text below or you can download WORD versions of each letter.

Special letter

Write to your MP to support EDM 1689 against the Apartheid Wall

Alternative letter to your MP on EDM 1689 and asking questions-MP

Write to Jack Straw about the Apartheid Wall - Jack Straw

Alternative letter on Apartheid Wall and calling for sanctions JS-Sanctions

Write to Opposition Shadow Ministers and ask them to press the Government -Opposition

General Letters of support:-

Jack Straw -Foreign Office  - WORD version -Jack Straw

Peter Hain -Minister for Europe - WORD version Peter Hain

Your MP -WORD version - MP

Christopher Patten  EU Commissioner for External Affairs  -WORD Version Chris Patten


EDM 1689

Dear           MP

Palestine EDM 1689 ľApartheid Wall


Would you consider signing EDM 1689?  I will assume you know about the wall and in any case most of the key issues are embodied in the EDM.


 That this House calls on Israel to cease immediately the building of its security fence deep within Palestinian territory, which when completed, will leave 45 to 55 per cent. of the West Bank on Israel's side of the wall; notes that it is made up of reinforced cement, barbed wire, and electrical fences, trenches, electronic motion sensors, guard towers and security roads and will cost $1 million per kilometre and that it violates articles 53 and 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Britain is a high-contracting party, which forbids the destruction of property and confinement of persons by an occupier, further notes that the fence cuts deep into Palestinian land and, when completed, will incorporate approximately 91 per cent. of all West Bank settlements and 98 per cent. of its settlers and annex the richest agricultural land in the West Bank, including the aquifer system which provides 52 per cent. of the West Bank's water resources; further notes that, whilst Israel needs security, the wall does not follow the internationally recognised border; insists that this does not become a de facto border for a future Palestinian state; further notes that only a reinvigorated peace process with full international support will stop the violence on both sides, not an eight metre high wall; and calls on the British Government to bring all available pressure to bear on Israel to cease building this wall.


The government has pursued a policy of appeasement with Israel for 35 years which has seen Israel continue to expand its claim on the West Bank and divert their water resources.  The time has come for the government to insist that Israel abides by the resolutions of the UN, the Geneva Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  I trust that you will support these International Agreements and the EDM 1689.