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Apartheid Wall campaign Letter   - WORD Version JS

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The Rt. Hon Jack Straw MP

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

King Charles Street




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Dear Foreign Secretary,


Israel’s Apartheid Wall


Israel is building a wall that will create the world’s biggest prison!  The wall establishes as ‘fact on the ground’ a new border stealing Palestinian land and reducing any future potential Palestinian state to just 40% of that within even the 1967 borders.  The wall is isolating farmers from their land, splitting families and isolating villages!


Building the wall has continued in spite of the Road Map; in spite of diplomatic pressure even from America. 


Does the Government deny that the wall violates the Geneva Convention?  Does the Government recognise that, by continuing to build the wall, the Israeli Government is demonstrating that it will never return to the 1967 borders, never return Palestinian water resources and never allow Palestinians to have a viable state thereby undermining any hopes that the Palestinian people might have of a just negotiated peace?


The Israeli Government has learnt from 35 years of appeasement that it can do whatever it likes without any risk of sanctions or constraint.  It has learnt that it can ignore diplomatic protests (remember the insistence that F16s and Helicopter Gunships couldn’t be used on civilian populations!).  Israel has disregarded yet another UN resolution and continues to violate the Geneva Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Sanctions have been imposed on other countries violating UN resolutions and were essential in ending the South African Apartheid regime.


When will the Government, with its responsibilities as a member of the Quartet, call for sanctions to be imposed on Israel unless it stops building the Apartheid Wall, expanding Settlements and violating the Geneva Convention?  If the Government doesn’t support the call for sanctions, what argument does it offer for believing that continuing the 35 years of appeasement of Israel will ever lead to a just peace in the Middle East?


Yours sincerely