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Higham /Parkes Family
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Gatley Old Hall

Known information on the History and Families that lived here

Thought to have been built around 1760


Remodeled with current frontage about 1790


Earliest parts (Side entrance and hall in the North Wing) possibly 1650 


Grade II listed building



In an article about Stockport  (2/8/96) Councilor Malcome Lowe states that Stockport was not in the Doomesday book! but the hamlet of Cede, later Chedle, was.  The manor was given to Roger de Chedle for the fee of four pigs!   It states that the estates of the 'Hesketh Bamford' included Gatley Hall when he died in 1894.  No source info is given.  

According to an article by Frank Mitchell in 20 Sept 1991, Gatley Hall was built in  mid 18th century by William or Thomas Roscoe.  William had come to Gatley to set up a small textile manufacturing.  According to tax records, Thomas Roscoe occupied the Hall in 1780, and this advert for the letting came from the Manchester Mercury of 1793:-

Country House and farm.  All that Capital Mansion called Gatley Hall, being sashed and modern, and built containing 6 rooms on a floor, with Brew House, barns and stables and a new commodious edifice adjoining, intended originally for a cotton manufactory, now a farm, with a garden and orchard, well stocked with fruit trees, and 24 acres of land, Cheshire measure.

From 1794 to 1806 the hall was occupied by Thomas Batemen, and in 1807 bought by Joseph and Sarah Clarke.  Who passed it in marriage to the Highams.

See Owners for the rest of the history


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